Just as languages provide the building blocks and rules we need to communicate, Maths uses its own language.

Made up of numbers, symbols and formulas, this language explores the rules we need to measure or identify essential problems like distance, speed, time, space, change, force and quantities.

Maths helps us find patterns and structure in our lives. Practically, Maths helps us put a price on things, create graphics, build websites, build skyscrapers and generally understand how things work or predict how they might change over time and under different conditions.

As a subject, Maths is also continually growing and changing as mathematicians and scientists expand on what they already know to discover new theories and inventions.

Year 7 and 8 follow the Mastery scheme of work. There is an emphasis on understanding the logic behind methods, applying methods to different situations and linking different topics that require similar knowledge and mathematical skills.

Students study the Edexcel GCSE syllabus across Years 9 to 11. Throughout this study period there is an emphasis on problem solving and the need to apply methods in a variety of different situations. The two tiers of entry are Foundation (Levels 1 to 5) and Higher (levels 4 to 9).