Pupils at Nailsea School demonstrate a high level of responsibility and are expected to respect all others in our community and beyond. Rewards and sanctions are awarded in line with the school’s Behaviour Policy. In lessons, teachers will follow the school’s C (consequences system) as outlined in our Behaviour policy. 

Pupil achievement is recognised in a variety of ways throughout the year. For day to day achievements, contribution and effort in classwork and homework, teachers and tutors can issue house points. Teachers will also send postcards home for pupils’ positive contributions towards their work in a subject or towards the whole school.

Curriculum Leaders, Heads of House and the Senior Leadership Team can also award pupils positive behaviour points for making a significant contribution to school or community life. Individual departments may also run systems of reward and recognition, including postcards home or contribution in sports activities.

In this way, achievement, progress, and making a contribution to the school or wider community are seen to be valued and at the heart of school life. They are also within the reach of every pupil and motivate each to give of their best.

We expect to reward:

  • good or improved school work
  • good or improved behaviour
  • positive effort
  • excellent and improved attendance
  • commitment to extra-curricular activities
  • contribution to the positive ethos of the school e.g. care shown for others

Visitors to our school frequently comment on the calm and purposeful learning atmosphere that is created and maintained by all that attend the school.

Pupils are expected to be prompt for school and lessons bringing with them all of the correct equipment for that day’s learning.  Pupils are expected to wear their uniform correctly at all times including to and from school.

Where behaviour falls below the expected level, it is rectified using the Consequences system. Teachers will issue consequences, recorded on the school electronic system, as a result of having to give a verbal reprimand or classroom sanction. Accumulation across a period of time will result in sanctions being applied as per our Behaviour policy.

Within a lesson, a teacher may give a detention. This could be at lunchtime or after school (parents / carers will be notified in advance in the latter instance). An after school detention with a teacher or Head of House will be for a maximum of 30 minutes.

If a pupil is involved in an incident in lessons, at break time, lunchtime or after school, these will be investigated by the Head of House and depending upon the incident, the sanction will be in line with our Behaviour Policy. These could include an Internal Exclusion, Fixed Term Exclusion or Permanent Exclusion.

Lateness to school: pupils who are late to school without a valid reason will receive a detention. This will be issued by the Head of House.

Missed detentions: If a 20-minute detention is missed, the sanction is escalated to a 30-minute detention. If this is missed this is escalated to a C5 detention for 90 minutes. If this is missed without a valid reason an Internal Exclusion will be served on the following day.

Failure to complete homework: this will firstly be recorded as a ‘No Homework’. The second time a piece is not submitted for a subject area the department will issued a detention. Homework submission is regularly monitored and students that regularly fail to submit homework will be referred to Homework Club.

Uniform / Hair / Jewellery / Make-up and Nail varnish: these will be dealt with as per our uniform expectations

Uniform / Hair / Jewellery / Make-up and Nail varnish: these will be dealt with as per our uniform expectations

Mobile Phones: these will be confiscated if seen in use during the school day and will need to be collected at the end of the school day. If any student persists in using a phone parents will be asked to collect the confiscated item.

At Nailsea each pupil and staff member belongs to a House and competes throughout the year to win the House Championship.

Students can win House points for positive behaviour, excellent classwork, contributions to the school community and winning House competitions. Students can also lose House points for negative behaviour such as homework referrals, lateness to school and detentions.

The House who finishes the year with the highest number of House points is rewarded with the House Cup and a day of celebration for pupils and staff at the end of the Summer term.