Contacting Your Child’s Tutor

For general student enquiries please contact your child’s tutor – you can do this by emailing our reception team and marking your email for the attention of the child’s tutor. Tutor groups and their names are listed below.

Houses & Tutor Groups

There are four Houses:

In each House there are eight tutor groups each containing a mix of students in years seven to eleven.

We have found this vertical tutor group system works really well as it gives students a chance to mix with and make friends with students from different year groups as well as their own, creating a really collegiate atmosphere.

We have twenty minutes’ tutor time each day and one house assembly per week. In tutor time students will be doing a range of activities with their tutor group. This might include planning tutor group assemblies, doing quizzes, class discussion on current issues and checking House Points.

We aim to work together to try and help each other achieve our very best. Our collective ethos is to ‘celebrate effort, success and achievement at all levels and across all areas of the school’. This also includes any effort, success and achievement made outside of school.

We want our students to be part of this ethos and make every effort to be the best they can be. We will do everything we can to help our students to do this.