Our Local Governing Body meet 7 times a year with meetings also attended by the Headteacher.

We have 12 Governors made up of Parent and Community Governors. Governors bring a variety of experience and background, business and professional skills. The Governing Body work with the school to support as well as challenge ensuring high expectations and standards are met. The aim of the Governing Body is to help the School achieve the best outcome for all students.

Governors maintain strong links with school departments, visiting lessons, subject events and attending department meetings. Governors meet with Heads of Faculty and Heads of Department as well as members of the Senior Team to discuss issues and assist with the monitoring and evaluation of the strategic direction of the School and School Priorities.

Local Governing Body

Jo HopkinsonChair
Debbi BussVice Chair
Joanne EdwardsParent Governor
Martin FaithfullParent Governor
Deborah StephensParent Governor
Rebecca FreemanParent Governor
Gemma BroomParent Governor
Claire BodyCommunity Governor
Antonia BushCommunity Governor
Becky DriscollCommunity Governor
Neil IngramCommunity Governor
Sue RennyCommunity Governor


Register of Business
& Pecuniary Interests
Governor AttendanceDOWNLOAD PDF
Wessex Learning Trust Governance StructureDOWNLOAD PDF

Meetings Schedule 2021 – 2022

20th September 202114th February 2022
11th October 202125th April 2022
13th December 202123rd May 2022
18th July 2022

Communications for attention of the Governing Body can be sent via letter or emailed to the Clerk to the Governors, contact details can be found through the Staff Contact Directory below: