Something approaching normality returned over the summer: students came into school and collected their results, some eager to look, others full of trepidation at what the envelope contained. It was a joy to share with our students the culmination of their hard work and commitment.

We are exceptionally proud of our students’ unstinting efforts and determination to cope with the challenges of the past few years. They have achieved a brilliant set of results.

 2022 Results2021 Results2020 Results 2019 Results
4+ in English84%88%82%76%
4+ in Maths77%79%83%71%
4+ in English & Maths75%76%77%68%
5+ in English & Maths59%54%50%37%
7+ English and Maths17%13%11%13%
All entries 9–729%25%19%12%
All entries 9–479%82.3%80%68%

Headteacher, Dee Elliott, said:

“I cannot praise this group of young people enough. Many of us have found this period a challenging one, yet the class of 2022 have shown huge resilience and determination and today they have received their rewards. There are a large number of students who have achieved top grades but, as with all occasions at Nailsea, every achievement and success is being celebrated at every grade level. There are a huge number of individual personal achievements within our results, just some of which are highlighted below.

I am very much looking forward to seeing so many of this year group continue their studies with us in the 6th form, which is growing in size and developing a reputation as an outstanding post-16 centre, both amongst the community and further afield, with record numbers of external candidates making Nailsea their first choice. We are thrilled to continue in partnership with these young people and their families who have also been a huge support over the last two years.”

Just some of the many success stories:

  • Adam H opened his envelope to find an amazing 8 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s
  • Tom R achieved a staggering 9 grade 9s
  • Edie C was awarded a brilliant 8 grade 9s
  • Hannah O achieved a super 6 grade 9s
  • Jack S, achieved a combination of distinctions with several grade 7s, making incredible progress in all subjects
  • Jamie G, took home a set of remarkable results, achieving on average a spectacular 1.5 grades higher in every subject than his nominal ‘targets’
  • Jacob S netted a wondrous haul of 7 grade 9s
2022 Results2019 Results2018 Results
A* – B55%54%59%
A* – C82%83%82%
A* – E99%99%99%
A Level Results – Years 2020 & 2021 – Unpublished

A Level Results 2022

We are delighted by the outstanding achievements of our students in their A level and Level 3 qualifications this summer. We were thrilled to see such a big increase in rates of attainment and progress. This is down to the exceptional work of each individual, and the dedication and inspirational lessons from our team of subject specialists. Something special is happening here across all subjects, and the year-on-year growth (a 20% increase in 2022) of our dynamic Sixth Form is a testament to these factors.

Put simply, students at Nailsea excel: they exceed external predictions, outdo their peers in other schools, locally and nationally, and their results enable them to fulfil their potential and live happy, fulfilling lives.

2022 Attainment:

A* – A grades/equivalents: 37%  ​ 

A* – B grades/equivalents: 55%​ 

A* – C grades/equivalents: 82%​ 

A* – E grades/equivalents: 99%​ 


Value Added

Overall: +0.15 

Academic VA: +0.08​ 

Applied VA: +0.26 

For our Applied General qualifications –vocational subjects such as Performing Arts, business, health and social care – students at Nailsea make well above average progress, with the average grade a distinction and a progress score of +0.29.

For our academic subjects the percentage of students achieving grades of A, A, B or higher, including at least 2 facilitating subjects, is 13%. This figure is well above the North Somerset average. Our A/A* figures have seen a 12% increase, year on year.

The grade point total for the best 3 A Levels is 35.43, or a B- average grade. This is also well above both North Somerset and national average scores.

Retention and Destinations

Completion rate for all courses is significantly above both the local and national average.

Students go on to further study, employment and vocational courses. Detailed figures to follow once released.

Dee Elliott, the school’s head teacher said:

“Our staff are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after the past few years. Our teachers and support staff worked tirelessly to ensure students were able to move onto their choice of further education, employment or study. Special mention also goes to the key role played by parents and carers who have supported their children and our school during this period. This cohort can bask in a brilliant set of results”.

Mr Reddiford – the Head of Sixth Form 2021-22 said:

“I am, as always, really proud of every single student. They have worked incredibly hard, coped with the challenges of the past few years, and done even better than we might have hoped. They are a lovely year group and we wish them the very best in the future.”

  • Ebacc Entrants = 33% 
  • Ebacc Average point score = 4.65 (increase of +0.58)

The number of pupils who stay in education or enter into employment after studying at Nailsea School is 94% (2021 figure – 2022 figures not yet available)

Progress 8-0.12-0.69+0.57
Attainment 85146.7+4.3

In accordance with national guidance, no statistical figures or measures are reported for 2020/2021 results

Our Progress 8 score* has increased spectacularly, particularly when set against 2019 (the last set of external results). The improvement at Nailsea School is all the more remarkable given the intense challenges of the past few years.

The results achieved by our students in 2022 are fantastic. We are proud of our students and staff and the efforts made by every member of the school community to ensure that Nailsea is a beacon of aspiration, progress and attainment within the local community.

Our results compare favourably with other schools, both nearby and nationally. The gaps between different groups of learners not only exceed the national average but also continue to improve at a significant rate, particularly boys and pupil premium.

We know that the combination of a carefully tailored curriculum for each student, providing quality and depth of learning, alongside our outstanding pastoral care and child-centred approach, leads to exceptional outcomes for every student. We are a fantastic school and we are proud of everyone here. We also know that the journey carries on, and we will work tirelessly to ensure every young person in our community reaches their potential and goes on to lead a happy and fulfilling life, contributing to society in a myriad of ways, some tangible, some intangible, but all utterly vital.

Headteacher, Mrs Elliott commented, “GCSE results day is always one full of emotions. We are delighted that these accountability measures reflect what we know is happening in this wonderful school. But we also know and believe wholeheartedly that behind every single grade there are individual stories of perseverance and resilience that cannot be measured. I continue to be immensely proud of our students’ achievements.”

* We use SISRA collaboration data involving 1,400 schools and 225,694 GCSE students to provide indicative projections.