In addition to our broad curriculum we offer enrichment opportunities including trips, after school & lunch time clubs, groups and activities as well as organising a variety of visitors, such as authors, speakers or musicians.

Extra Curricular Clubs, Groups & Activities

There are lots of activities, clubs and support groups here at Nailsea School. Students will find a range of activities to take part in at lunchtime and after school.

Extra Curricular clubs are a great way to meet new friends, try new things and explore your passion outside of the classroom. Students should keep an eye out on student noticeboards as new groups, clubs and activities are introduced throughout the year. Students are involved in programming so if you’ve got an idea or a suggestion—why not share it with a member of staff?

Our Extra Curricular directory is published in late September every year – this gives students and staff the opportunity to settle in to term 1. If you’re interested in joining in – you’ll find the main point of contact in the booklet below.


We have a number of trips that run throughout the year, some are annual, whilst others are bi-annual or piloted; depending on what is pertinent at the time.

The cost of school trips is dependent on transport, providing cover for teaching staff and ticket prices as well as accommodation and food for overnight visits.

Full details are sent to families at the time of booking- but below you will find an outline of some the events happening this year. The programme is likely to expand as the year progresses and more opportunities present themselves.

Curriculum Enrichment Week

Final plans for our CEW 2024 are under way – students need to register their interest by 3rd November 2023