We are both passionate and committed to developing the holistic student and place great emphasis on our broad and balanced Enrichment Programme. Exam results are only one aspect of a successful Sixth Form student, and it’s important to develop wider life skills that will support post 18 pathways and future careers.

360° Enrichment is timetabled on a Tuesday afternoon, however there are many opportunities that fall outside of this time allocation into our wider whole-school extra-curricular programme or through personalised placements that have been organised by individual students. We also work closely with a number of external organisations to ensure we are offering a strong and purposeful programme. These include local businesses, colleges and universities.

The enrichment opportunities for students fall under four categories:

Some of our enrichment programmes are specifically designed to support students to gain the experience required to secure places at university or in apprenticeships. For example, our HE+ Programme supports students to secure access to Oxbridge, to Russell Group universities and to other competitive university courses.

Enrichment opportunities include:

  • EPQ
  • HE+
  • Aspire Programme
  • STEM
  • Model United Nations
  • Enterprise Group

One of the areas we are most proud of is our volunteering and mentoring groups. Many of our Sixth Form students choose to peer-mentor younger students and receive training through qualified professionals. We also have Subject Ambassadors working with curriculum faculties providing 1:1 and group support within the classroom for the subjects they are studying at A level.

Enrichment opportunities include:

  • Subject Ambassador and Homework Club
  • Peer Mentoring and Peer Reading
  • Extra-Curricular Club Volunteering
  • Primary School outreach
  • Ravenswood School outreach
  • Community Volunteering

Many of our students select an enrichment option that provides them with a weekly opportunity to be physically active or develop their creative skills, as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle between the demands of post 16 study and their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Other Enrichment programmes are designed to give students a chance to develop in their areas of interest and to give them a taste of the society groups that will be available to them at university.  

Enrichment opportunities include: 

  • Creative Writing
  • Eco-School Group
  • Italian Club
  • LGBTQ+ Group
  • Promote Media Group
  • School Magazine