Catering at Nailsea School

Our catering team offers and freshly prepares a number of snack and main meals every day. The variety of cooked meals changes each term. The menu for the latest term is posted below, alongside this we serve sandwiches, pizza slices and paninis as well as fresh fruit, pastries, yoghurts and cakes.

Hot meals are served at lunchtime whilst hot and cold snacks are available at both lunch and break times. Vegetarian and vegan meals are available and other dietary requirements can be met on request.

Lunch Menu – Term 1 Download Term 1 Menu
Lunch Menu – Term 2Download Term 2 Menu
Lunch Menu – Term 3Download Term 3 MenuView Allergy Information
Lunch Menu – Term 4Download Term 4 MenuView Allergy Information
Lunch Menu – Term 5Download Term 5 MenuTBA
Lunch Menu – Term 6Download Term 6 Menu