By law we have to keep a detailed record of reasons for student absence. The number of times that a student has been absent during that academic year, is reported in their reports. This is a national requirement. It is vital that parents inform the school of the reason for any absence of their child. 

Years 7 to 11 Student Absence Line
This number currently offline please call 01275 852251
01275 850400
Sixth Form Absence Line01275 852251 (Option 1)

The School may request medical evidence for the reasons. This can be communicated in a number of ways:

  • doctor’s certificate
  • copy of a prescription
  • copy of appointment card

Failure to provide such evidence will result in absences being unauthorised. A screen shot or the forwarding of the appointment confirmation by text message or email will also suffice. 

Where the reason for absence is other than for illness, permission should be obtained in advance by letter or email, from the relevant Head of House. Only the school can authorise a student’s absence.

Students who show low rates of attendance will be referred to the school’s Attendance officer. This would apply to those students who have less than 95% attendance.

If you would like to discuss the barriers in attending for your son/daughter then please make an appointment with your child’s Head of House. We may be able to advise some strategies +/or interventions to improve attendance.