We have developed a robust pastoral curriculum that ensures students are prepared to take their next steps on whatever pathway they choose post-18. The pastoral curriculum is delivered through 20-minute tutor time sessions. Attendance at these sessions is just as imperative as curriculum lessons. Assemblies are planned throughout the year to enrich the pastoral curriculum through guest speakers.

The Pastoral Learning Journey is a journey that students will take throughout their time at Nailsea Sixth Form: DOWNLOAD HERE

The pastoral curriculum takes the form of many strands, including:

The Pathways Programme is dedicated to educating students on the wide range of post-18 options available to them. It is a priority from the onset in Year 12, and for this reason students have a protected 20 minutes a week exploring Pathways.

We launch the programme by informing students of the range of options available to them, from university degrees to apprenticeship options. Students are mentored through building their own profile, evaluating their strengths, areas of particular interest and experience that they already have to date. Exploring a range of options specific to each student is held in high esteem, to ensure that learners make informed decisions regarding their futures. Students are coached through writing individualised applications, with support and guidance to enhance their profiles where required. Each student will have the opportunity to meet with the Careers Advisor at least once during Year 12 to discuss their bespoke requirements.

The Unifrog platform is embedded into our delivery of the Pathways Programme, ensuring that our delivery is of the highest quality, up-to-date with the latest University advice and provides impartial advice to a range of options.

Guest speakers, visits and trips all enhance the Pathways Programme to ensure students are fully equipped to make the important decision of the next step of their journey after Nailsea Sixth Form.

The aims of the Pathways Programme include:

  • To educated students on all post-18 options
  • To prepare students for work in the wider community
  • To support the development of students’ skills and attributes, experience and knowledge for future progression
  • To develop students’ applications for future destinations
  • To prepare students to become financially independent
  • To raise aspirations, supporting students to aim higher

Pathways Learning Journey DOWNLOAD HERE

Our responsibility to cover PSHE and RSE is delivered as part of our Evolve Programme which has been named and is annually reviewed by our student leadership team.

We recognise that our students are on their own personal journey to becoming young adults, and the principal aim of this programme is to equip students for wider society. We believe that this programme is specifically tailored to the needs of our students at Nailsea, covering a wide range of topics from financial independence to relationships and discrimination.

The programme is delivered through a combination of tutor-led sessions where group discussion and activities will ensure students engage with the content, and guest speakers delivering more specialised content.

The aims of the Evolve Programme include:

  • To widen students’ understanding and awareness of the world
  • To prepare students to become young adults and become independent in society
  • To support students in making safe decisions to support their own and others’ wellbeing

Vision Effort Systems Practice Attitude

Research tells us that there is no link between GCSE performance and KS5 outcomes. Instead, extensive research shows that it is the behaviours, habits and attitudes to study that are the strongest determinant of success at A Level.

We recognise that our students do not leave Year 11 and suddenly know how to study as KS5 learners. Therefore, our VESPA programme is specifically designed to develop the learning attitudes that we know equates to success. VESPA stands for Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude. We are confident that these qualities correlate positively with successful outcomes and research shows that learners who do not develop these skills will hit the ‘ceiling’ of their attainment if not addressed.

Therefore, we dedicate tutor times and assemblies each term to actively developing students’ learning characteristics and shaping their A Level mindset.

The aims of the VESPA Programme include:

  • To develop essential study skills required for Sixth Form success across curriculum areas
  • To develop an A Level mindset to support students to reach to the top and fulfil potential
  • To raise attainment and support students to aim higher


The role of the Tutor at Sixth Form is very much one of coaching and mentoring. Each student will have a 1:1 monitoring session with their tutor at least three times an academic year. This session will focus on the student’s individual progress, specific intervention that is needed to raise attainment and support the student to their future pathway.

The aims of 1:1 monitoring include:

  • To coach and mentor students through their A Level studies
  • To personalise support, such as pathway advice, intervention and pastoral support
  • To review progress in curriculum areas
  • To evaluate learning attitudes demonstrated across Sixth Form, including attendance and conduct
  • To set SMART targets to accelerate progress
  • To shape pathway choices, offering individual guidance
  • To develop a strong professional relationship with the student to be able to write the most personalised references for post-18 pathways