The change from childhood to adulthood can be challenging, and we believe that confidence, happiness and strong communication skills form the foundations for success.

Our pastoral team in school advise and nurture the whole child, offering support with social skills, peer problems, anxiety, home or academic issues. Experts in safeguarding, counselling and mentoring work alongside our Heads of House and tutors to support student’s wellbeing.

Tutor Groups follow a vertical system, meaning that each group is made up of a range of tutees from years 7 to 11. This leads to strong alliances, confident relationships between groups and a comfortable family base from which students thrive.

Tutor groups are split into the four houses and tutors provide the first point of contact for all pastoral queries.

For general student enquiries in the first instance, please contact your child’s tutor – you can do this by emailing our reception team and marking your email for the attention of the relevant tutor listed below.

Tutor Group List – Download Here.

Each child is assigned a house from either Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix or Unicorn, and each Head of House co-ordinates the pastoral care for their house. Heads of House can also be contacted for any pastoral query, by parents, carers and students.

For further information please see our Safeguarding and Head of House pages.

Mr N Wylie - Nailsea Connect
Mr N Wylie
Nailsea Connect

Christians Together in Nailsea currently fund a youth worker through the Connect Schools Work Project.

Nailsea Connect
Nailsea Connect

Neil Wylie can be found in Nailsea School on most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He gives one to one support to students, and works alongside volunteers to provide a breakfast and a homework club.