Uniform for students Years 7 – 11

Nailsea School has a cohesive uniform policy, and wants its students to take pride in their appearance.

All items of clothing should be marked with the student’s name and be clean and neat.

Trousers, shoes and shirts can be purchased from any outlet but must follow the guidelines below.

School ties and jumpers can be purchased from School Togs.

School Togs

2nd Hand Uniform

Second-hand uniform can be purchased through the school’s PTA, they can be contacted through their Facebook page here.

Prices of used kit can be found on the PTA page here Our PTA – Nailsea School

JUMPERCompulsory – School jumper with the school badge – to be worn every day. No hoodies to be worn in school.
FLEECE Optional – School fleece branded with the school badge can be worn over the school jumper as an optional extra.
HOODIESHoodies are not a part of the school uniform and should not be worn to school.

If your child wears a hoodie they will be asked to remove it. If this persists, the hoodie will be confiscated at the door by a member of staff and you may be asked to collect it from school
SHIRTWhite shirt with buttons at the neck (long or short sleeve) – top button done up
TIEClip on House Tie
TROUSERSTailored black trousers. Skin tight fitting style trousers are not allowed. Jeans and leggings are not allowed. No visible buckles, zips, rivets or poppers. Ankles should not be visible.

As a school we appreciate the cost in ensuring that your child wears the correct school uniform and as a result we do not stipulate a ‘school trouser’. These can be purchased from shops selling school uniform, including major supermarkets. All other styles are not to be worn.

Following feedback regarding trouser styles – we have produced a guide. Click Here for links and visual references.
SHOESBlack leather or leather-look shoes or trainers (no canvas, boots or coloured flashes).
HAIRHair must be of a natural colour and there must be no lines or decorations shaved in
NAILSNails should be of an appropriate length to comply with Health & Safety guidelines and be natural and with a clear neutral colour
JEWELLERYNo rings, necklaces, bangles or bracelets. Earrings are allowed, with a maximum of two studs in the lower ear lobe, no other piercings are acceptable.  All Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons and cannot be taped over.
FACIAL PIERCINGSFacial piercings are not allowed, students will be asked to remove these during the school day
NEW EAR PIERCINGSNew ear piercings should be done at the end of the Summer Term to allow for appropriate healing time so they can be removed for PE Lessons
HEADPHONESHeadphones are not part of the school uniform and should not be seen.
PERSONAL ITEMSPersonal property items (such as phones, jewellery, bikes etc) are brought in to school at the students own risk. For this reason we do not recommend that anything of significant value is brought to school without consideration of it’s safe-keeping eg: bikes should be locked up.

Students must have the following Sports Kit:

PE Polo Shirt (Navy & Gold)
Plain navy sports shorts (not cycling shorts)
Reversible navy and gold rugby shirt
Long navy socks – needed when wearing shin pads (White sports socks to be worn otherwise)
Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
A pair of shin pads (for football and hockey)
A gum shield (compulsory for hockey and competitive rugby)
Football boots (no metal studs) for football and rugby
All jewellery must be removed for every lesson, jewellery cannot be taped over.
A pair of navy blue sports leggings with printed Nailsea logo
A plain navy blue jumper (no hoodies)
Hoodless waterproof navy coat

Any student who is not wearing the correct uniform for any reason must report to the House Office on arrival at school in the morning. If possible, contact would be made by the parent prior to this by phone or email.  

After discussion with members of the House team a decision will be made and parents contacted if necessary. 

A list of potential actions is shown below:   

  • An opportunity will be given for a student to correct their uniform/change into the correct uniform (we hold a stock of uniform in school)   
  • A student may be sent home to change their uniform (parents will be informed before this happens)  
  • A student may be isolated in school (including social times) on refusal to correct/change their uniform   
  • Persistent refusal to wear the correct uniform will result in a fixed term exclusion from school for persistent refusal to follow instructions  

A list of equipment can be found on our Student Expectations page HERE