Nailsea School is a Single Academy Trust, to learn more about how the school is governed please refer to the documents below. For information regarding the financial framework, which Nailsea School operates, please refer to the Nailsea School Funding Agreement.

The Government’s policy on Multi Academy Trusts (MAT) has shifted and is no longer a compulsory requirement. However current government policy does recommend that single Academy schools become part of a wider trust.

Therefore Nailsea School continues to review and discuss the benefits of joining a MAT, with a view to taking the route that most benefits the pupils of the school.


Following a review and due diligence process led by Governors at Nailsea School, a vote was taken and the Governors voted unanimously to join the Wessex Learning Trust – a Multi Academy Trust. Please find the letter that was sent to parents and families on the 1st June 2020.

Multi Academy Trust (MAT) 1st June 2020

Wessex Learning Trust came to present to the school on Monday 13th July. A copy of the presentation can be viewed below.

Wessex Learning Trust Presentation 13th July 2020

Articles of AssociationDOWNLOAD PDF
Memorandum of AssociationDOWNLOAD PDF
Funding AgreementDOWNLOAD PDF
Annual Report of AccountsDOWNLOAD PDF
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