Our aim is to provide a smooth transition from your child’s current school to Nailsea School.

We work very closely with the pastoral team to provide support for your child and family to ensure that your child has a successful and enjoyable school experience.

We really value communication between home and school, and encourage you to please ask questions and make the most of upcoming opportunities to ensure that you feel as reassured with the transition process as possible.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Relationships between Nailsea School and our primary partners is a key part of enabling students to make the next step from primary to secondary school.

Primary schools regularly visit and take part in Nailsea School life, which helps younger children build confidence and puts us at the heart of the community as well as providing opportunities for staff to share good practice.

Primary school children take part in workshops, activities and induction days and have the opportunity to attend a range of events across the school calendar. By the time they join us in Year 7, students are familiar and comfortable with their surroundings, relaxed and able to concentrate on their new learning journey.

Our pastoral team work closely with parents of children moving to Nailsea School midway through a year to enable them to settle as quickly as possible. The vertical tutor group system allows students to meet a range of students to help broaden their friendship groups from an early stage.

Year 7 Starters 2023-24

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