We view every Sixth Form student as a leader, and develop their leadership skills through three overlapping concepts:

We will support students in becoming fully autonomous and driving their own academic development. This life skill will be invaluable for students taking the next steps in their careers.

Every student will demonstrate leadership in different ways which will be acknowledged and celebrated. We recognise the powerful impact that daily actions can have on our own and each other’s lives. We promote ‘everyday leadership’ and recognise how empathy, acts of kindness and challenging unfairness can transform lives.

The Prefect Team is integral to our Sixth Form. They have more responsibility and authority within the school and work directly with the Head of Sixth Form and Headteacher.

There are three levels to our Prefect system:

Head Prefects

Those students selected as our Head Prefects lead our whole-school council and Sixth Form student leadership team, alongside representing the school at key events throughout the year and running assemblies within the lower school.

Senior Prefects

The group of students selected as Senior Prefects lead projects for the Sixth Form and wider school community as part of their role. They also represent the school at key events and support the Head Prefects in leading assemblies.


The group of students selected as Prefects support the Senior Prefects in contributing to the various projects and events being organised.

Student leadership is at the heart of Nailsea Sixth Form, and we encourage all students to engage in our wide range of leadership opportunities, as leadership is for everyone.