Design & Technology covers a range of disciplines including catering, textiles, electronics, engineering and working with resistant materials such as wood and metal as well as using planning and design as a foundation to build on.  D&T encourage innovation and creativity with a strong element of practical problem-solving and skill development.

Students at KS3 are taught on a 9-week carousel in Design and Technology. They will rotate around key DT disciplines in an academic year.

Year 7

The year 7 and 8 curriculum is designed to enable students to understand the design process and the various manufacturing processes used to achieve an outcome. They will experience various software packages and understand safe practices in our dedicated workshops and food rooms.

In Year 7 students study Electronics/Programming, Engineering, Glass, Food and Nutrition.

In Year 8 students study CAD/CAM, Textiles, Materials, Food and Nutrition.

Year 9:

The year 9 curriculum is designed to encourage students to work more independently using knowledge and skills gained in year 7 and 8. They will use modern industrial practices such as CAD/CAM, 3d printing and laser cutting to achieve higher quality outcomes. Our broad KS3 curriculum provides a basis for further academic study in each subject area.

In Year 9 students study Engineering, Textiles, Materials, Food and Nutrition.