Our Vision: All students at Nailsea will achieve or exceed national progress expectations in English, with a high proportion going on to exceed expectations in the Sixth Form. They will leave with humane, reasoned values, and a love of English, fostered through a rich and challenging curriculum.

We will work to ensure our curriculum is stimulating, well-taught and leads to outstanding outcomes for all students, regardless of external factors.

During Years 7, 8 and 9 students have seven hours of English lessons a fortnight. Throughout the year, students study five different units that develop their writing and reading skills and once a fortnight, students spend time in the Library, where we aim to foster a love of independent reading. We also have dedicated skills lessons where students continue to practise the key skills needed to succeed in English. Our focus throughout Key Stage 3 is to encourage students’ enjoyment of the subject, whilst also equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in the years to come.

Year 7:

In Year 7, the five units that students study include a narrative writing unit, traditional tales and myths, a novel, an art of rhetoric unit, and 1900s poetry. We aim to challenge students with ambitious texts, whilst also engaging their curiosity in the subject. A range of skills will be developed across the year, building on those previously learnt at primary school. These include narrative and persuasive writing, reading comprehension and close textual analysis, among other things.

Year 8:

Building on the skills developed in the first year, Year 8 students study a play, post-1900 poetry, 19th Century short stories as well as writing a range of non-fiction texts and descriptive writing. During these units, the aim is to continue to cultivate the skills covered in Year 7, whilst also developing sophisticated skills, such as shaping their language for a range of audiences and purposes and supporting their reading analysis with a real focus on the author’s intentions and the students’ own personal responses to the texts.

Year 9:

Finally in Year 9 students study modern short stories, a novel, a Shakespeare play, a study in genre (the Gothic or satire), and war poetry. During this year, a real emphasis is placed on ensuring that students are prepared as they enter into Key Stage 4 and begin their GCSE study. The aim is that students have a real independent confidence when approaching analytical writing and clearly understand how to craft their writing for different purposes and audiences

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