Many of the world’s problems boil down to Geography, global warming, natural disasters, the spread of disease, future energy resources We aim to provide students with a geographical education, which is up to date, relevant to their lives and encourages independent learning.  The curriculum is designed to encourage achievement in all students of all abilities. Fieldwork is a vital tool in learning geography and we have this established in all key stages

The curriculum that we offer at KS3 is topical and relevant and aims to create enthusiastic and passionate geographers well placed to continue their studies into key stage 4. Numeracy and literacy skills are embedded throughout the topics and field work follows the enquiry process preparing students for fieldwork at GCSE.

Year 7:

  • Introduction to Geography.
  • Map skills
  • Weather and you.
  • Africa and a study of Kenya.
  • People and Places
  • Fieldwork (joint trip with History): Chepstow, Geographers complete fieldwork on what makes a place)

Year 8:

  • Tourism, Good or Band?
  • Rivers: Watery World.
  • Environments: Polar and desert.
  • The Chinese are Coming
  • Fieldwork (Joint trip with History): Arnos Vale Cemetery. Geographers complete work on comparing environments.

Year 9:

  • Risky World (Tectonics).
  • Indigenous People.
  • Going Global.
  • Population and migration
  • Glaciation.
  • Fieldwork. Nailsea Town Centre. The impact of globalisation on Nailsea town centre.