The PE Department is at the heart of Nailsea School life. The PE team are passionate in inspiring students to lead and sustain a healthy active lifestyle and to promote physical literacy.

The PE Department believes in offering an inclusive broad and progressive curriculum; delivered in a positive environment in which students feel safe and nurtured; celebrating all success.

This enables students to strive to reach their potential whatever their level of ability. The department prides themselves on their excellent working relationships with students both in lessons and in the extensive extra-curricular program that occurs within school and outside of school at local, county and National level. 

Details of Sports Kit can be found HERE

The allocation for PE at Key Stage 3 is 4 lessons a fortnight. At entry point students are assessed in a carousel activity in which their physical, analysis and leadership skills are assessed. Based on triangulation of results groups are set accordingly to student’s needs.

All follow a broad and balanced curriculum shown within the programmes of study. These are annually assessed to ensure they continually meet the needs of students and match the current sporting environment. In Year 7 and 8 students follow a programme of study in which they develop foundation skills extending these in Year 8.

The Year 9 programme of study introduces new activities which further extends students learning and their application of previously acquired skills in new situations and concepts.

The inclusion of coaching and leadership in Year 9 through lessons or completing a Sports Leaders qualification further expands students’ horizons and range of skills. As a result, they develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles.

Key Stage 4 PE allocation is 4 lessons a fortnight; reflecting the importance of developing the value of a healthy, active lifestyle. Where possible students are taught in single sex classes and are fully encouraged to take more responsibility for their own physical, social and mental development. Whilst some key themes follow through from the Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Students are exposed to a number of new activities in which their prior skill development is challenged. A group’s teacher may choose activities based on their prior knowledge of the group and where they believe the activity will not only broaden their horizons but provide them a high level of challenge developing their physical, social and mental capabilities.

By the end of Key stage 4 it is the aim that students have been confidently armed with a range of knowledge, skills and understanding in a vast range of activities to enable them to maintain and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle beyond Nailsea School. In addition some students may wish to undertake an examination course: GCSE Physical Education or Cambridge National Sports Studies Course.

Nailsea PE Department offers a vast range of physical and theoretical activities both at lunch-time and after school. Students have the opportunity to complete at friendly, district, county and national level. The timetable changes at the start of every new term.