Our Vision: To deliver a broad and enriching visual arts curriculum which enables students to produce creative work of quality by themselves.

KS3 Year 7:

Students in year 7 receive an Art pack, which includes drawing pencils, watercolours and a sketchbook. The majority of the early lessons are focused on utilising the sketchbook and these materials to observe and to express ideas about things around them. Drawing from observation, and building confidence with this skill, is a key component of this early work.

There are two main projects in year 7 – ‘Identity’ and ‘Natural Forms’. These projects serve to give students the opportunity to build bodies of visual work based on these themes, and to render these in both paint and clay.

KS3 Year 8:

Year 8 Art lessons have a 3D design basis, and both projects during this year culminate in designs based on investigations into context. The first project ‘Fast Food’ offers students the opportunity to develop designs based on cakes and burgers (with a twist!), which are subsequently rendered in clay.

During the second project ‘Circles’ the students investigate the work of Robert Indiana and the way he utilised commercial signs and symbols to express new meanings. The ensuing work uses a range of different materials, and emphasises simplicity of visual language to express complex meaning.

KS3 Year 9:

Year 9 Art lessons are intended as a foundation year for GCSE, and as such make reference to GCSE standards and assessment objectives. The first of the two projects is called ‘environment’, and encourages students to visually express ideas about how humans are impacting our planet.

The second project investigates the theme of ‘image’ and is primarily based on the portrait genre. During year 9 students are given the opportunity to use cameras and edit using Photoshop, whilst also continuing to develop their painting and drawing skills. In this way students are fully prepared to make informed choices about Art & Design GCSEs they may wish to take in Year 10.

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