To help with IT support at home we may ask for you to download the following software so that we can connect to your home computer and view your screen while sorting out your IT issue.

Remote support

  1. Download the program below and run it.
  2. Click on “Allow connections“.
  3. Give IT Support the ‘YOUR ID‘ and the 4-digit password shown on screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office 365 or SMHW gets stuck logged into one account when I want to log into another account.This happens when multiple people are logging into different 365/SMHW accounts on the same laptop user account and 365/SMHW gets stuck in a loop and remembers the previous login.

It is good practice to have separate user accounts on a shared laptop so that every user has their own space to save files, login to websites online.

How to setup separate accounts (Windows computers)
How to setup separate accounts (Apple computers)