Based on the school’s ethos of Aspire, Believe, Succeed. The Absolute curriculum encompasses everything not covered at a subject level. This includes: assemblies (year and house), designated collapsed timetable days to cover citizenship and British Values and the pastoral programme.

The ABSolute curriculum also aims to fulfill our statutory requirements of providing quality RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) as well as contributing towards the promotion of British Values and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development).

The aim of this curriculum is to build students’ knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, their rights and responsibilities as well as promoting tolerance and understanding.

A key aspect of the programme is a community project which will get students out into the local community to make a positive difference to the community they live in. This will focus on volunteering of differing types which will hopefully make them prouder and therefore more respecting of Nailsea.

The pastoral programme, assemblies and 5 collapsed sessions will form the main part of the ABSolute curriculum in order to deepen understanding of a number of key areas, especially careers and further study. 

Sixth Form also take part in the sessions, with their own curriculum and foci for sessions. 

ABSolute Curriculum Intent, Implementation, ImpactDOWNLOAD INFORMATION

Absolute Curriculum – Main School (example)

  • Increased careers focus through assemblies, MAT and pastoral curriculum.
  • ABSolute curriculum to enable goals to be set but also strategies for students to reach them.
  • Assemblies focused around promoting aspirations and success stories pitched at all levels.
  • MAT Festivals – promote learning outside of the curriculum.
  • MAT university events
  • Year assemblies are held throughout the year to promote self-belief.
  • Many of the year assemblies focus on motivational messages.Several in the run up to exams in Year 11 have key messages regarding revision and expectations, but are pitched through a supportive and motivational message.
  • Proud letters – formed part of the ‘Citizenship’ programme and will now form part of ABSolute Curriculum.
  • Year 9 Passport Project aims to prepare students for Yr10 and GCSE study
  • Preparation for Success evenings
  • Clear focus on careers and revision in the curriculum

Policies including the Relationship & Sex Education Policy for Nailsea School can be found here.