The aims of the ABSolute Curriculum are:

S – Support well-being and personal development: Promote students’ overall well-being, including their emotional, mental, and physical health, while nurturing their personal growth and self-awareness.

T – Transform relationships and social skills: Develop students’ ability to form and maintain positive relationships, fostering empathy, respect, effective communication, and social cooperation.

E – Encourage ethical and moral understanding: Cultivate students’ understanding of ethical principles and moral decision-making, encouraging them to consider the consequences of their actions and develop a strong moral compass.

P – Promote cultural appreciation and tolerance: Foster an appreciation of cultural diversity, promoting respect, understanding, and tolerance for different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds.

S – Stimulate citizenship and critical thinking: Equip students with the skills to engage as responsible citizens, encouraging critical thinking, independent thought, and the ability to navigate societal challenges with a sense of social responsibility.

What topics does the ABSolute Curriculum include?

Healthy RelationshipsSex EducationHealth Education
British ValuesSMSC (Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development)Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education (including careers and finance)

When is the ABSolute Curriculum delivered?

ABSolute ThemesABSolute Extended Tutor Time ABSolute Assembly
These themes are covered in our assemblies led by tutor groups (tutor and students)
· Theme 1: Aspire
· Theme 2: Believe
· Theme 3: Succeed · Theme 4: Ambition · Theme 5: Respect
· Theme 6: Kindness · Theme 7: Pride
. Theme 8: Community & British Values
Every student in Y7-11 at Nailsea School has an extended tutor time (ETT) session every week. This is taught in year groups.
Themes include:
· Growing Up
· Relationships
· Sex, sexuality and sexual health
· Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
· Emotional wellbeing and mental health
· Healthy lifestyle
· Risk and safety
· Identity
· Communities
· Planning for the future
· Money and me
Every student in Y7-11 at Nailsea School has a 20-minute assembly each week in their house. There are different speakers each week including guest speakers, where appropriate. 

House assembly days:
· Griffin – Monday
· Dragon – Wednesday
· Unicorn – Thursday
· Phoenix – Friday

Some examples of assembly topics include:
· Anti-bullying
· Inter-faith week
· British values
· Holocaust memorial Day
· LGBTQ+ month.

Parent & Carer Voice

We greatly value the relationship with and role of parents and carers in supporting students’ personal development here at Nailsea School. We regularly communicate with parents and carers about the content of the ABSolute Curriculum. Key information on the content and delivery of the curriculum can be found in the section below. Parents/carers are welcome to contact our ABSolute Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Josh Boyce (, with any questions or concerns about the curriculum content. By working together, we can best support our students’ personal development.

In 2023 we surveyed our parents & carers in regards to the ABSolute curriculum to gain an insight to their perspective on the ABSolute curriculum programme – delivered in extend tutor time each week. Headline results from this survey can be seen below:

  1. 86% of respondents feel that PSHE is important.
  2. 83% felt that the current curriculum prepares their child with the relevant skills and knowledge for growing up.
  3. 74% of respondents gave four or five stars for the quality of teaching and resources being provided through the ABSolute Curriculum.
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2024 ABSolute ProgrammeWhat, When, Why?

Policies including the Relationship & Sex Education Policy for Nailsea School can be found here.