Year 12 

During these assemblies, key dates and information will be shared to help students understand the university application process. The assemblies occur throughout the year and are delivered at key times. The tutors in 6th form are trained to advise and guide students through the application process.

This scheme introduces year 12 students to university life through a six week program and runs in the autumn and spring terms. Students must apply for a subject specific place on the course.

We have close links with the University of Bristol and many year 12 and year 13 students participate in the Access to Bristol and Pathways to Health Science programmes every year. In 2019-20, 6 students from Nailsea School took part.

Students attend a series of sessions on Wednesday afternoons during the autumn or spring term. The sessions give an idea of what it is like to study at the University of Bristol, working with academics and current students who can offer advice and guidance about higher education and their subject area.

In addition to Access to Bristol, 29 students last year took part in other activities at the University, such as Taster Days and Options Conferences.

Taking part shows a commitment to further study that strengthens university applications. Students who successfully complete the programme are guaranteed a contextual offer/interview from Bristol, a top-ten UK University (QS World University Rankings 2020).

During the spring term, we take all year 12 students to a UCAS fair where most of the UK universities have stalls. This allows year 12 students to begin thinking about university and ask valuable questions.

Year 12 students are taken to a university for the day to find out about all aspects of university life and enable them to make informed choices about their futures.

This is a one-day trip for students who aspire to go to either Oxford or Cambridge University. Here they are introduced to the application process and given advice on successful applications. They also have the opportunity to attend example lectures.

These are run in the summer term for year 12 students and continue into year 13 as necessary. Tutors and people from our local community, offer advice on successful C.V. writing and the job application process.

Students meet with professional business people who take them through the interview process. They learn good technique, practise their responses and build their confidence. The interviewers will then give constructive feedback for students to build on, an experience that students have found invaluable.

Advice and guidance is given through workshops, tutor time and assemblies, providing guidance on writing a successful personal statement, either for university applications or job applications.

Year 13 

Tutor time and assemblies in the autumn term of year 13 have a focus on completing UCAS applications.

Two formal apprenticeship workshops are held in year 13 to ensure that students who do not want to go to university have plans for after they leave school. One workshop is run by a government agency and the other by a local business.

Following on from the apprenticeship workshops, pupils are given an opportunity to attend C.V. writing and application workshops to help them make successful job applications.

Additional guidance offered throughout the 6th Form: 

A wide variety of speakers come into the school to offer advice or inspiration for the student’s futures. These are either delivered to the whole 6th form or are subject specific.

Social action is a very important aspect of developing work skills. In our 6th form pupils are encouraged to complete some social action work, this is very varied in nature from a tutor group raising money to twin out toilets with a village in DR Congo, to students tutoring lower school in one subject.

Local and national companies offer our students work experience opportunities. These are passed on to students during tutor time and advertised around 6th form. We receive at least one of these opportunities per week, so there is always something for pupils to apply for.

We offer a trip to an university open day at the end of year 12, but pupils are encouraged to visit universities as part of their decision making process.

Many businesses advertise open evenings with us. These are advertised in school and pupils are informed about them during tutor time.

There are often opportunities for students to attend events at local businesses, universities and NHS agencies.

6th form students have access to the school careers adviser. In addition to this, our tutor team are trained specifically for the 6th form so have a wealth of knowledge to offer about careers.