16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 tuition fund has been set up to support the progress of some of our Post 16 students whose learning has been disrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Nailsea School have accessed this fund in order to provide a group of our students with high quality 1:1 tuition to support them in their English and Maths GCSE studies.  Each student will be provided with the 12 hours of bespoke 1:1 online tuition with tutors provided by MyTutor.

The 10 students have been selected as those who did not gain a grade 4 in either Maths or English when they were first entered for these GCSEs in Y11.  They are all currently continuing their studies in the 6th Form at Nailsea School.

Laptop & IT Equipment

If you are struggling to learn online and need advice, help or support, please contact your tutor or Mrs Rutty.

The school received 50 laptops from the government, had a further 13 donated by our PTA, and received Covid 19 funding for a further 10. Most of these 73 laptops have been loaned to families struggling to work online, with only a few left in school on reserve.

We are currently receiving an average of 3 requests a day for students to borrow laptops, so we are launching a fundraising campaign to increase the number of laptops we have available for loan. We are hoping to buy a further 10 laptops (either new or reconditioned) to extend the capacity of our Laptop Lending Library and work towards an online education that includes all of our learners.

In January 2021 we launched an appeal to fundraise for further laptops and IT equipment. Visit our Go Fund Me page for further details.

Nailsea Community Group

The Nailsea Community Group was launched June 2020 as a help group providing support to residents during the coronavirus crisis. The group runs a Facebook Community Page where people can request support and volunteer work from the community. Amongst its many initiatives the Nailsea Community Group runs a Community Larder and a Volunteer Transport service with Ravenswood school to the vaccination centres.

The Community Group is based in Nailsea town centre and you can get in touch to find out more by calling 01275 855277 or emailing info@nailseasupportgroup.com