Shut Down – Shout Outs!

Whilst the school is partially closed and #TeamNailsea is working from home – we want to offer you some praise where praise is due! We know you’re working hard in what are very difficult circumstances and these ‘shout-outs’ are our way to let you know – you’re doing great!

Shout-outs are planned to happen every Friday during lock-down. The cut-off date for shout-outs is 10am on a Thursday, so if you’ve handed in work after that time you may still get a mention – it’ll just be carried forward to the following week.

FromTo Shout-Outs
21st April30th AprilDOWNLOAD PDF
30th April7th MayDOWNLOAD PDF
7th May14th MayDOWNLOAD PDF
14th May21st MayDOWNLOAD PDF
21st May4th JuneDOWNLOAD PDF