Our anniversary fundraising plans were cut short by the huge upheaval that was Covid-19. That said the school community including the PTA raised £11,542.13 a fantastic sum of money, thanks to all of those that donated and took part by organising fundraising events.

Some of the donations were spent on upgrading the IT within the school to Windows10, upgrading servers to speed up access and investing in more Wi-Fi points around the school to improve IT as was requested by students in Student Council.

Part of the scheme saw the development of our  student-led Anniversary Orchard which is doing well and we look forward to seeing those pollinating trees blossom soon.

The remaining funds have been set aside, for consideration when usual school resumes. Other items on the student council wish-list included an outdoor seating area and shelter. The school is currently trying to bid for funding for an outdoor classroom which would partner with the students’ aspirations and help the remaining budget go further.

Thank you to everyone who supported the 60@Sixty fundraiser