Year 10 Work Experience

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Year 10 Work Experience

Monday 9 July 2018 to Friday 13 July 2018


The aim of work experience is to provide an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of full-time working and develop employability skills including the process of finding and applying for jobs.  All Year 10 students undertake a 5 day work experience week during the summer term and we ask students to find their own placements with the help and support of both the school and yourselves.

Students have been given a Work Experience Pack containing the following:

  • letter for the work experience employer
  • work placement form to be completed by the employer and parents/carers and returned to school
  • student information form to be completed by the employer and returned to school
  • medical information form to be completed by parents/carers and returned to school
  • guide explaining all about work experience

The return dates for forms are crucial.  It is a legal requirement that every work experience placement is health and safety checked before a student will be allowed to attend. These checks take time, so it is vital that the completed forms are returned to school before the deadlines below:

19th Jan 2018                    For placements in London

9 February 2018                For placements outside of our area (except London)

9 March 2018                     For placements in our area (North Somerset, Bristol, Bath, South Gloucester)

It is important that you are aware that there is a higher cost in health and safety checks for placements outside of the local area and parents will be asked to contribute £55 for one of these placements.  This payment will be payable in advance and must be returned along with the work experience forms.  There is also a late charge of £20 for processing any health and safety checks after the deadlines.  Any additional costs incurred during a placement such as travel, meals etc are payable by parents/carers.

It is strongly recommended that placements are found at an early stage to avoid disappointment.  There are many schools that have the same work experience week as us and many employers will not take more than one student at a time, therefore competition for placements can be considerable.

Should you have any queries regarding Work Experience please contact Mrs Annette Watts in Room 101 or by email