Board of Directors

Dionne Elliott (Nailsea School Headteacher) – Chair

Sarah Hurlow – Secretary

Claire Body – Governor Director

Meg Hitchings – Staff Director

Jeff Morris – Staff Director

Karen Ridge – Community Director

Matt Hicks – Community Director

Commitments of a Director

* Meet termly (normally on a Thursday evening, 6pm onwards). Extraordianry meetings may be arranged between this time if needed. On average 3-5 hours will be needed each term for meetings and actions agreed.
* Have input on the focus, aims and future of The Link
* Share your knowledge and experience

Benefits of being a Director

  •  Involvement in a local charity
  • Great way to share your knowledge and skills
  •  Impact on what is on offer in the local community
  • Great experience on CV’s

Useful link: charity commission website to detail the responsibilities of a Trustee, and who is eligible to be a Trustee.