The Link


Developing ‘The Link’ 

The Link was developed so that the Nailsea School site would be beneficial to the whole community not just the immediate community; the students. The school is such a fantastic facility with many uses it would be a shame to not allow other to benefit from its facilities and resources.

The site is a high quality, modern, technology rich facility which can provide for a wide range of needs within the community – leisure, family and adult learning, and a variety of culture possibilities. By bringing different groups into this location, community cohesion is enhanced and use awareness of opportunities is increased.

Working in partnership with other providers, we provide complimentary facilities within the community to develop greater breadth and variety of provision.

Student Voice
As well as recognising the high quality service that users of the site should experience as a requirement, students were vocal in stating that the ‘community use provision’ should have a separate identity from the school, and that this would be a critical factor in increasing the likelihood of success. From this ‘The Link’ was developed.

Community was the significant word. Students felt strongly that this should be evoked in both the name and the logo, along with key themes of ‘working together’ and ‘sharing’. In particular they wanted the brand to be a bridge between the school and the community. The colours within the logo support this collaboration, and will be used to connect the threads of the services offered together: Sport (green), Culture (yellow), Events (red) and Community (blue). 

For more information about The Link please call 01275 866 787 or email:


Please note that parking at Nailsea School is limited.  Whenever possible, please use Nailsea’s public car parks.