Supporting our Community

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This week in House assemblies I have been exploring the issue of poverty.

According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 13.5 million people are living in poverty in the UK.  I feel that it is important for our students to recognise that while they might associate poverty with images of starving people in Africa or other far away continents and countries, that we have people living in the UK, including in our own community, that are struggling to feed their families.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests a five point plan to help people out of poverty in the UK.  I chose to focus on the point that we need to strengthen families and communities as I feel that by working together as a community, people will feel supported and more able to ask for help when they need it.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a fantastic community where all of the adults pulled together to support each other through some very difficult circumstances and in doing so, the children within those families are still supportive of one another some 40 years or so later.

In order to support members of our own community we are asking for those that can to donate food items that we will ensure go to our local foodbank.  If you can donate some food items, please see the list below of items that the foodbank are in need of and give to your child who will bring it in and leave outside room 112.  We will be collecting until 11.30am on Friday 21st October.

The Foodbank Currently Needs:

Cereal (especially cereal for children)

Tins of Baked Beans

“Big” Soup/chunky vegetable soup but not other soups e.g. tomato soup

Tinned Spaghetti

Pasta Sauce

Tinned Fish (especially Tinned Tuna or Tinned Salmon)

Tinned Fruit

Sponge Pudding

Dried Pasta

Packets of Instant Mash


Fruit Juice (long life, not chilled)

Confectionery, snack bars

Boxed biscuits (for Christmas so need to be dated best before January 2017 or later)

Tinned Ham


For more information about foodbanks, please go to


Thank you for supporting our community.

Julie Baldwin

Assistant Headteacher