Nailsea School Radio

Nailsea School’s radio station ‘NS Live’ provides opportunities for students to produce and present radio shows and podcasts which are played out every lunchtime into the media café and atrium. All shows are also recorded onto our Mixcloud account for you to listen now. Other pupil opportunities include live DJ sessions, making revision podcasts and commentating on sports fixtures.

The station runs on a two week timetable shown below.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
Rowan & Danny’s Nailsea School News


Live DJ Mix

Ben & Ben Ben C’s Science show


E-Ben C2

Chris W’s



Sport Show

Bethan’s Best of NS Live Podcast


Live Friday

Week 2
Aimee and Mayah’s


Metal Mondays

Harry and Tyler Larry & Sam’s 6th Form Show


Live DJ Mix

Takeshi, Harry & Tom’s


Film Review

Jake & Oli’s



Conspiracy Theories

Listen Online