Nailsea School – Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA at Nailsea School is a relatively new charitable organisation reintroduced to Nailsea School in 2012. The ambitions of the group are to provide funds for enrichment activities and equipment that benefits the whole school. In addition, they support the community of the school by providing social opportunities as well as refreshments during school events.

There are over 20 volunteers currently serving on the PTA and this usually results in 12-15 members at committee meetings, which are held 5 times a year. The PTA welcomes volunteers at all levels whether it’s being part of the committee or helping out at events, volunteer time is always appreciated.

Fundraising is undertaken on an ad-hoc basis through the PTA event programme and the Annual Summer draw. Staff, pupils and parents are invited to submit tenders to the group for funding requests, with bids being decided upon by vote. The decision is recorded to ensure there is parity across the range of departments.

Occasionally the PTA fundraises for a specific activity such as the Anti-Bullying workshops that took place in the school recently.

Nailsea School is a member of the National PTA Members scheme.

Meet The Team

Chair Louise Dumbell
Treasurer Lynne Gosden
Secretary Karen Smith, Anne-Marie Pheasant
Wish List Coordinator Lisa Needham
Publicity / Social Media Jo Wood
Committee Sharon Cooper, Greer Mayne, Steve Cayzer, Julie Cayzer, Lyn Lloyd-Jones, Hugh Lloyd-Jones, Kate Moore, Karen Bidgood, Michelle Crocker, Cristina Napier, Karen Farrell, Alison Kirkham, Amy Twomey, Anne Penman, Bridget Wyatt, Di Nicoll, Jill Reakes, Katy Bond, Nini Anamah, Sam Harrison, Rebecca Stevenson

Staff members – Craig Mawford, Nicola Shoesmith



PTA Donations: The most recent donations have included more silver café style tables and chairs for the students to use at break and lunch, contributions to safeguarding software, language nut website subscription, author visit and school radio license, Visualiser, Hot Water Dispenser.

Last Event: Musical Bingo raised £760

Next Event: Pour My Bluff – 8th March