Education and Enterprise@Nailsea



At Nailsea School we want to ensure that every child within our care has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years and Nailsea School believes that by developing partnerships with businesses our students will be in the best position for the future.

With changes in the way that schools are funded Nailsea School is doing all it can to ensure its students are able to access the best resources available. By supporting the Education and Enterprise scheme you will be helping to safeguard an excellent future for the students that study here.

The Scheme

Education and Enterprise at Nailsea is our corporate membership scheme, focusing on the enrichment of Nailsea School and its pupils. Businesses and organisations can support this fund in return for a number of attractive benefits. We have an Enrichment Fund to increase the number of learning opportunities for students and staff not covered by statutory funding, to keep learning opportunities inspiring, fresh and exciting. Another focus, is to develop meaningful relationships with businesses on behalf of our students, ensuring them the best opportunities in careers information, advice and guidance. Building our partnerships with organisations and companies in the local area we help to broaden the aspirations of our students and to develop their skills and knowledge base in order to be able to provide local industry with the skilled workforce for the future.

Involvement can range from helping to develop curriculum and community projects to mentoring students.

Education and Enterprise@Nailsea will also enable businesses to network through a number of events throughout the year

How to Join Us

There are three levels of full membership to the scheme, Officer, Manager and Executive.

Details of the benefits and costs are listed below.  To join the scheme or to learn more – please email

Details of the scheme can be downloaded  HERE 

Partner Level

You will receive invitations to our E&E events and activities (ticket fees may apply)
You will be kept up to date with School news and relevant activities
You will be invited to our Careers Fair

Free to sign up

Officer Level

You will receive 2 invitations to 3 Networking events.
You receive copies of our bi-annual digital newsletter ‘Enterprise Link’
You will have the opportunity to use the ‘Education and  Enterprise @Nailsea’ logo on your website
Your business logo will be displayed on the ‘Education and Enterprise@Nailsea’  page of Nailsea School website
Your business logo will be displayed on our school termly newsletter
Your business logo and name will be displayed in the school’s reception
You will be able to demonstrate to your employees, customers and suppliers your company’s commitment to the community and how you demonstrate corporate responsibility
You will be the first in line for consideration of other sponsorship opportunities as they arise

£300 per annum

Manager Level

The Manager level includes all of the benefits of the Officer level.
You will have the opportunity to place business inserts in packs at school careers events
Your business logo and name will be placed on a portable display board at school events
Your business will be displayed on the television screens in school on a rotational basis
Your business products, promotions  and services will be shared directly with school staff

£500 per annum 

Executive level

In addition to those benefits listed above, the Executive level includes all of the benefits of both the Officer and Manager level.
Your business name and logo will be displayed near the Sports Hall
Your Business name and logo will be displayed on a 6ft x 2ft banner on the 4G pitch which is used extensively by local clubs and the local community
Your business will be displayed as a featured business on the ‘Education and Enterprise@Nailsea’ page of our website for a minimum of one month
Your business will be offered a corporate sponsorship presence at our Information Evenings
Your business will be invited to submit a feature in ‘Enterprise Link’ sent to all parents, staff and contacts

£750 per annum