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Preparation for Success January 2019

Revision Guide

Prep for Success January 2019

English Preparation for Success

MATHS Year 11 Preparation for success 

Preparation for Success October 2018

Details to follow after the event

Revision Guide

Prep for Success October 2018

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Preparation for success Engineering

GCSE History

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Year 10 Information Evening

Year 10 Info Evening 2018

The Passport Project 2018

The Year 9 Passport Project is a transition scheme which focuses students’ attention on the option subjects students have chosen for GCSE.

Students complete the tasks set for their four option subjects in place of homework in non-core subjects during Term 6. The information, and Passport tasks for 2018 can be found here: Passport Project 2018

Preparation for Success Evening 2018

Many thanks to all of you, for attending the Core Subject, Preparation for Success Evening. We hope that you found the event useful and feel equipped for the summer exams.

Documents from the event:

Opening Presentation

Revision Guide

English Preparation For Success

Science Prep for Success Science 2018



Preparation for Success Evening 2018   Many thanks to all of you who attended the event on the 25th January. It was wonderful to hear from many of you as you left and hopefully you feel informed about the expectations of the courses your son/daughter is following. We hope that you are able to attend the second event in March which will concentrate on English, Maths and Science. The documents from the event can be found below and we’ll add more in the coming days. If you have any further questions, please email: lcreswick@nailseaschool.com

Prep Option 2017

Opening Presentation

Revision Guide V2



PE Lunch Revision


Preparation for Success Evening 2018 On January the 25th, the first Preparation for Success Evening for Year 11 will take place from 6pm. The aim of the event is to equip parents and students with the skills necessary to be successful this summer. This event will focus on Option Subjects with an introduction by the Heads of English and Maths. An event focused on the Core Subjects will take place later this year. If you have not signed up yet, please do so by following the link below or returning the slip emailed out via Parent Pay.

Year 11 Mocks 2017 Mock Exams begin for Year 11 on the 20th November and we’ve put together the Revision Guide V2 to help students revise for these exams. It also includes a helpful timetable template to organise revision.

Remembrance Day 2017   Tutor Groups are designing poppies for Remembrance Day which will be planted in the front garden after the event. Each of our 32 (KS3/4) Tutor Groups have created a design for their ceramic poppy which reflects the sacrifice made by those who have served their nation. Designs will be short-listed before being painted onto the ceramic poppies. Representatives from each Tutor Group will hold the poppy during our Remembrance Service before they are planted as a lasting memory. Below are some images from our 2016 Remembrance Service:

Focus Week 1 – More Able and Talented   Each term we have 1 Focus Week looking at a certain area of Teaching and Learning specifically. The focus for Term 1 was More Able and Talented provision within the school. Prior to the event, staff at the school read around the topic before meeting to discuss their ideas and best practice from their subject areas. These ideas about how we stretch MAT students and ideas for the future were put together to form the MAT Bulletin. PDP 1 MAT MAT Pre Reading 2017   Between 16th-20th October, the first More Able and Talented Festival took place. Students were offered 28 sessions and chose 5 to attend. The sessions and lectures aimed to expose students to topics and ideas not normally offered on our curriculum. The event proved popular with many students struggling to narrow down their choices to only 5. Based on the success of this event, a further one will be held later this year. MAT Festival

The Secret Mission In Term 6, a number of students were taken off timetable to complete a Top Secret Mission. The students were chosen due to their creative flair and were challenged to complete a piece of original work during the session. This was just the beginning of the Top Secret Mission – keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal!

The Year 9 Passport Project   The aim of this venture is to give students an insight into the subjects they have chosen for their GCSE study and to help them transition onto these courses. We believe that this is a really valuable task for students to complete as it allows them to look ahead to September and to begin learning about the courses they’ve chosen to study. The Passport Project replaces homework in all non-core subjects for terms 5 and 6, although there may be times when homework is set by non-core teachers, especially in the run up to the end of year exams, and this should also be completed. Homework in English, Maths and Science will continue to be set as normal. Each subject has created a mini project for students to complete, based on the content of their GCSE course. Students should locate the relevant projects and complete them in place of their normal homework. With this in mind, the quality and length of the piece should mirror the time students would normally be expected to spend on homework. This year’s tasks can be located here:

Passport Project 2017.

Timeline: Friday 26th May – Deadline 1 – the first two completed projects should be handed in to the relevant members of staff. Friday 30th June – Final deadline – the remaining projects should be handed in to the relevant members of staff.

Thursday 13th July – Graduation ceremony to celebrate individual successes.   If you have any questions regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Creswick at: lcreswick@nailseaschool.com.