Pastoral System

Pastoral Care at Nailsea School

Nailsea School is a community where aspiration is nurtured, belief is developed and success is celebrated.
Throughout all school activities we put the needs of the learner first; students are encouraged to fulfil their potential and are helped to overcome any problems they may face. At the heart of this support is the pastoral team.


Our House System

All students are members of one of our four houses: Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix and Unicorn. The house’ names were chosen by students. The House system enables students to feel part of a community and encourages friendly competition. Also, the Head of House is always available to support the students within their house and works closely with external agencies. Once a fortnight, we hold a House Challenge where students from every house compete in a range of creative, physical and academic activities in order to win house points for their house.

Students are rewarded with house points throughout the year for good attendance, excellent effort, academic achievement and taking part in extra-curricular opportunities. While there are rewards trips for individual students each term, the house with the most amount of points at the end of the academic year celebrates together at the front of school with a BBQ and activities while the rest of the school continues a normal working day.


House Head of House Contact
Dragon  Mr Hellier
Griffin Mrs Shoesmith
Phoenix House Mr Graffagnino
Unicorn House Miss Figgures


Student Council

Being part of the council is an amazing and worthwhile experience.  Students are given the opportunity to help make real changes around the school as they represent what the student voice wants.

If you would like to contact the School Council you can do so by talking to your tutor representative, posting a message in the House Suggestion Boxes or contacting the School Presidents.

Contact Email:


Vertical Tutoring

Within each house, students are organised in vertical tutor groups mixing Year 7 to Year 11. The idea behind vertical tutoring is to enable students to break down the barriers between age groups and work as a fully integrated team, supporting each other and feeling part of a family of learners. It creates a wonderful community spirit within the school.

“After lunch you go to your tutor and it is where you can talk and discuss things you’re worried about and other things.” – Y7 ex-Kingshill student


The Importance of the Tutor

The tutor is the central point of contact for every student and provides the crucial link between home and school. Tutors are supported by the Head of House who also works within a broader team responsible for taking charge of pastoral care within school.

Our Personal Development Curriculum
The cornerstone of our pastoral care education programme is the weekly tutorial programme. All tutor groups follow a programme of activities, including a weekly news-based quiz and our “Personal Development Curriculum” (PDC). For two tutor sessions during each week students work on activities that have been developed by staff from across the school, covering topics including careers, relationships, religious festivals and British values.

The topics covered within the PDC programme are developed further by one of the Senior Leadership Team or a Head of House during a weekly house assembly that all students attend. Students attend year group assemblies on a regular basis to hear about year group related issues, such as options, careers, celebrations, etc.

All students are afforded opportunities across the school to develop confidence, resilience, reflection and independence. We believe that these, and other capacities, will be key to them being able to keep themselves safe, to cope in difficult situations and forge successful lifelong relationships.



School Counsellor

The School Counsellor is Paulette Montroe, who offers sensitive support and guidance, the counselling service is available to all students on any issue that concerns them.

Paulette is available Monday – Wednesday and you can contact her by e-mail or by calling 01275 852251 ext. 2014.