KS5 – Physics

KS5 Physics

A Level Physics contains a mix of both practical and theory components.

Practical skills are assessed in module 1


Topics Covered:

AS and A2:

Module 1 – Development of practical skills in physics

1.1  Practical skills assessed in a written examination

1.2  Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement


Module 2 – Fundamental data analysis



Module 3 – Physics in Action

3.1.1  Imaging and signalling

3.1.2  Sensing

3.1.3  Mechanical properties of materials


Module 4 – Understanding processes

4.1  Waves and quantum behaviour

4.2  Space, time and motion



Module 5 – Rise and fall of the clockwork universe

5.1.1  Creating models

5.1.2  Out into space

5.1.3  Our place in the universe

5.2.1  Matter: very simple

5.2.2  Matter: hot or cold


Module 6 – Field and particle physics

6.1.1  Electromagnetism

6.1.2  Charge and field

6.2.1  Probing deep into matter

6.2.2  Ionising radiation and risk



The course textbook is:

A Level Advancing Physics for OCR Student Book (OCR B) (OCR A Level Physics) Oxford publishing.

For AS this is about £25, the whole A Level text is £46.  More importantly are the revision guides which are published by CGP and are about £7 each.

All students are to ensure they have copies of the textbook within the first few weeks of starting the course.


Useful Websites

Past papers and the specification can be found on the OCR website.  The course is ‘Physics B (Advancing Physics)’