KS5 – Chemistry

Topics Covered

Year 1

Foundations in Chemistry

  • Atoms, acids and redox, electrons and bonding, shapes of molecules

Periodic tale and energy

  • Periodicity, reactivity, trends, enthalpy, reaction rates and equilibrium

Core organic Chemistry

  • Basic concepts, alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, halo alkanes, organic synthesis and spectroscopy

Year 2

Physical Chemistry and transition elements

  • Equilibrium, buffers and neutralisation, acids, bases, ph, entropy, electrode potentials

Organic Chemistry

  • Aromatic Chemistry, carbonyls and carboxylic acids, amines, amino acids and polymers, organic synthesis, chromatography



The set textbook is:

Chemistry for OCR (A), published by Oxford.

Books can be purchased individually (for each year) or as a combined 2 year book.  Amazon stocks all versions.  Students need to ensure they have a copy of the book within the first few weeks.


Other Materials

Lab coats and safety can be borrowed from the school for practical work but your own is recommended.


Useful Websites

Past papers and the specification can be found on the OCR website.  The course is ‘Chemistry A’


Chemguide: Useful website for additional notes and revision.