Welcome to the Philosophy and Beliefs Dept.

The aim of Philosophy and Beliefs at Nailsea School is to help students reflect on their own ideas and develop a respectful awareness of the beliefs and values of others. Students will be able to both learn about and from Religion and will be able to engage in the whole notion of belief.

Members of Staff

Mr I Jones – Curriculum Leader  IJones@nailseaschool.com

Mr C Bunce – Teacher (Ethics) CBunce@nailseaschool.com


Philosophy and Beliefs - More Information

Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Keeping the Rules

Belonging, belief and Identity

Religion and the Media
Year 8

Being Human
The Nativity
Spirituality and Creativity
Life After Death

Year 9

Nature of Belief
Islam and Conflict
X-Men and Prejudice

Year 10 and 11: Short Course GCSE

Students study topics for the AQA Religious Studies GCSE Short Course

(Spec ‘B’).

Topics covered are:

Religious attitudes to Matters of Life (Medical Ethics)

Religious attitudes to the Elderly and Death

Religious attitudes to Crime and Punishment

Religious attitudes to World Poverty


Year 10 and 11 Full Course

Students study topics from the WJEC Religious Studies Specification B

Topics covered are:

Religion and Life Issues

Relationships – issues of love, marriage and divorce

Is it Fair? – issues of justice and equality

Looking for Meaning – issues about God, life and death

Our World – exploring creation and our place in the world

Religion and Human Experience

Religion and Conflict – issues of peace, conflict and reconciliation

Religion and Medicine – issues of medical ethics and the sanctity of life

Religious Expression – issues of expressing one’s faith

Authority – Religion and State – issues of law and order in religion and society.

A-Level Philosophy

A-Level Philosophy is a challenging course which engages with fundamental questions and debates, both historical and present. Students will study diverse topics from the foundations of knowledge, to the nature of morality, studying the most important thinkers from history, as well as developing skills in writing, arguing, and reasoning.