Welcome to the Media Studies Dept.

Studying the media has never been so relevant as it is today.  With so many debates and controversies surrounding the media, we offer students at Nailsea the opportunity to study Media in a range of courses to enable them to have a better understanding of the power of the media and how it shapes our views and beliefs.

What is Media Studies?

The media’s job is to hold up a mirror to the world and they do that through newspapers, film, radio, TV, magazines, the Internet, social media…

In Media Studies we explore these methods of mass communication and those that consume it, produce it and regulate it.

The media is incredibly powerful and has the capacity to affect the way that we think about events, people and subjects.  We should make sure that we understand the power of the media so that we can make informed choices and question the media products that we consume.

Why should we study the media?

Young people are increasingly becoming more reliant on social media for their information about the world and Media Studies helps to explore how the media shapes our understanding of the world and to question what we read. 

The working world is also changing with employers expecting their staff to have a wider range of skills than ever before.  Media Studies develops analytical and practical skills that will be useful in a great deal of careers. Students are given the opportunity to use a range of equipment, software and techniques to create a variety of media products that would begin to form a portfolio for interviews for apprenticeships, jobs FE and HE courses.

Where will it lead?

According to the Office of National Statistics 2013 report, people with a degree in Media Studies have the second highest employment rate in the UK.  Studying the media at any level does not necessarily lead to a career in the industry but it will give detailed insight into the kinds of jobs available and the practical experience in producing a variety of media products.  You can go on to study a Level 3 course such as BTEC or A Level Media before choosing a higher apprenticeship, degree course or applying for a job.

Our previous students have gone on to become the following: film/TV directors, games artists, graphic designers, advertisers, events organisers, camera operators, editors, journalists, bloggers, digital content managers, teachers, etc.

Media Studies at Nailsea School

We offer GCSE Media Studies as a GCSE option in Year 10 and 11 and A Level Media Studies in Year 12 and 13.

We have excellent facilities at Nailsea for studying the subject including a TV Studio and a specialist teaching room designed for Media teaching.

Members of Staff

Miss G Britton – Curriculum Leader GBritton@nailseaschool.com

Mr Jack Dempsey – Teacher JDempsey@nailseaschool.com

Media Studies - More Information

 Examples of GCSE Media Studies Magazine front covers produced by Nailsea School students