Supporting your child

We are always being asked by parents how they can help their children with mathematics. A major key to success is to instil a positive attitude towards maths, celebrating what your child can do and encouraging them to be confident enough to at least try questions they struggle with. If we can see how they are thinking, we can support them with sorting out the misconceptions. Children learn far more from mistakes than from a page of correct answers!

Another valuable way is to ask your child to explain to you what they have been doing in their lessons or how they have done their homework. If they can explain it well enough so that you can follow their reasoning then it consolidates their understanding and builds confidence. If your child is unsure what to work on, they regularly set themselves targets on the yellow self assessment sheets in their exercise books, where they have identified their next steps to further their progress, or on the blue test self assessment sheets.

If your child is stuck with their work, they can seek extra support from the internet at:-

This is a website we subscribe to which covers KS3 and KS4 at all levels. Your child has been given the login and password to access the site.

Students can come to the Monday Maths Mayhem Club.

For those in Year 11, the lunchtime revision classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the weeks before their exams

Year 10 and 11 students can purchase GCSE revision guides (£4), workbooks (£5.50) or revision DVDs (£3) through ParentPay

Students are always very welcome to come and talk with their teacher or any member of the maths faculty for some extra help any lunchtime or after school.