Maths – Key Stage 4


KS4 Overview

The areas of study at GCSE are the same as for Key Stage 3 but are developed to a higher level. Learning activities are similar to those at KS3 and also include plenty of practice of exam question technique.

As at KS3, progress is reviewed through regular self assessment and feedback from students, teacher assessment, student’s involvement and contributions in lessons and through formal graded tests every term.


Year 10 and 11 students are placed in either Higher or Foundation groups depending on their ability. Sets 1 and 2 follow the Higher course (Grades 9 – 5) and Sets 3 and 4 follow the Foundation course (Grades 5 – 1). Final levels of entry are not decided until January of Year 11 and the majority of students are entered for Foundation – up to an old grade B.

Year 10 Higher scheme of work

Year 10 Foundation scheme of work

Edexcel Foundation GCSE content

Edexcel Higher GCSE content




Past Papers

All students follow the Edexcel Mathematics (9-1) GCSE course. Past papers can be found using the following link.