Maths – Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Overview

Throughout Years 7 and 8 students follow a mastery approach to learning with a big focus being on developing mathematical thinking skills. A variety of teaching and learning styles are used including investigations, challenges, real life examples, practical lessons, paired and group work, games and consolidation work.

Students are taught key processes and skills to enable them to represent problems mathematically, to reason and use mathematical procedures, to interpret and evaluate and to communicate and reflect on their solutions.


Year 9 students begin their GCSE course, building on the work from Years 7 & 8 and further developing their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the GCSE exam and their future needs.


Progress and Assessment

Progress is reviewed through regular self assessment and feedback from students, teacher assessment, student’s involvement and contributions in lessons and through formal levelled tests every term.



Year 7

Students in Year 7 are put into sets, Higher, Middle and Lower, on entry to the school and the sets are determined initially from the KS2 results. All students will sit a baseline test within the first two weeks of year 7 and subsequent tests are every term thereafter. The settling is continually monitored and reviewed throughout the year and we aim to place each student in a set where we can maximise their potential. Students are taught to the ability of the group and not a pre-determined level, having differentiated schemes of work in all years. The lower sets have Teaching Assistant support every lesson.

Year 7 Scheme of work overview


Year 8                       

In Year 8, students are put into one of 5 sets and again, students are formally tested every term when setting is reviewed.

Year 8 Scheme of work overview


Year 9                       

In Year 9, students are placed in sets Higher, Middle and Lower, with students having a formal test every term.

Year 9 Higher Scheme of work overview

Year 9 Foundation Scheme of work overview