Able and Talented – Aspire Programme

Nailsea School aims to meet the educational needs of all its students and values academic excellence. We believe our most Able and Talented students should be challenged and stretched to meet their expectations and goals. To ensure Nailsea students’ needs as individuals are specifically catered for, students are identified with provisions put in place to monitor and support their progress and achievement. Moreover, research also suggests that extending the learning and achievements of the top 5-10% of students has a beneficial impact on standards overall.


Indicators of Able and Talented:


  • They can think quickly and accurately
  • They work systematically
  • They are creative
  • They can process unfamiliar information and apply previous knowledge and their own insights
  • They are diligent and determined
  • They show empathy and sensitivity
  • They make sound judgements
  • They can be outstanding leaders
  • They can be fascinated by or passionate about a particular subject or topic.


At Nailsea School, students that are Identified as most Able and Talented are those who are within the top 5-10% within curriculum areas (in line with national standards eg
students who may attain Level 8/9 at GCSE).
Identification is based on:
• Primary teacher referral through primary liaison protocols
• KS2 scores
• KS3 baseline testing
• CATs scores
• Curriculum referral based on specific criteria / dispositions being demonstrated (based against subject specific measures).
• Information from external agencies



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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Click here to see extra-curricular opportunities for able and talented students at Nailsea School.

The More Able and Talented Festival: MAT Festival 2 2018

Key Stage 3 MAT Extension ideas KS3 MAT Map

Key Stage 4 MAT Extension ideas KS4 MAT Map

Key Stage 5 MAT Extension ideas KS5 MAT Map

More Able and Talented Reading List MAT Reading List

Subject Profiles

Please click on to the subject profiles below for more information and contact details of the subjects More Able and Talented Co-ordinator (MATco).  For any general queries please contact the school’s More Able and Talented Coordinator Miss L Creswick (

Subject Specific Websites

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Drama 2018

English 2018

Geography 2018

Health and Social Care 2018

History 2018


Maths 2018

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PE 2018

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Design Technology

Nailsea Success Stories

Nailsea Schools Orchestral Extravaganza

Talented instrumentalists from a number of local primary schools spent a day enhancing their musical skills in an Orchestra workshop joined by Nailsea School Able and Talented musicians from Year 7 through to Year 13.

The students grouped in musical sections: woodwind, strings, brass, keyboard and percussion rehearsed and worked together to master three brand new pieces of music.  Led by teachers from Nailsea School and the North Somerset Music Service all the students finally joined up for a full orchestra rehearsal before performing to an audience of parents at the end of the day.  Ms Lloyd, Transition Manager at Nailsea School said “It is inspiring to see our senior students helping the younger primary students and a huge achievement that their joint efforts culminate in an impressive concert where all the students perform the pieces they have learnt during the day.”

Opportunities for Mathematicians

Nailsea School pupils took part in a Mathematics Enrichment Road Show, run by the Further Mathematics Support Programme.  Students listened to two talks by two inspiring Mathematics: “The Creation of Number” by Ben Sparks and “How safe is your data?” by Cath Moore.  Following the talks students from schools across North Somerset were split into mixed groups and competitions were held.  The day was organised for able Year 10 Mathematicians with an interest in AS or A2 level Mathematics.  Fifteen Year 10 students from Nailsea School attended the event.  Emily Royce and Ella Driscoll were part of the winning team, they won a £10 voucher each.